Did you know that the Almond is considered the “King of Nuts” it is full of healthy Fats, Fiber, Phytochemicals, Vitamins & Minerals that make it a nutritional powerhouse.

Benefits of Cold Pressed Almond Oil
Moisturize skin

Almond Oil gets soaked in our skin quickly, which makes it a powerful & effective moisturizer.  We can apply it on the face as well as the body for massaging.

Another great property of the oil is that it is light & not too greasy, so our skin does not feel sticky when we use the oil as a moisturizer.

 Apply it to extra dry spots

We all have those extra dry spots like our elbows & feet that look dry & shabby.  Before you give up on those areas of your body, try nourishing them with Almond Oil. If you find yourself scratching your flaky skin, Almond Oil can help with that as well. 

The fatty acids in Sweet Almond Oil help the skin retain moisture while the Vitamin E soothes irritation caused by dryness.  The Zinc content of the oil helps smoothen rough, calloused skin. For this reason Almond oil has also been used to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema & psoriasis.

Facial Cleanser

For most of us, the idea of cleansing the face with oil is shocking.  But research has found that oil cleansing is beneficial for your skin & sweet Cold pressed Almond Oil is one of the best oil to use for the cleanup. 

Lighten scars & Marks

Did you know that Zinc present in Almond Oil  is an essential nutrient for healing acne scars.  A study revealed that Almond Oil is an effective treatment  of stretch marks & acne scars due to its unique composition.  For this reason, pregnant women are advised to use Sweet Almond Oil massage themselves to prevent stretch marks & to get rid of skin irritation.

Reduce puffiness & Under Eye circles

Did you know that Almond Oil has anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. These properties of Almond Oil make it an ideal solution for reducing the puffiness under the eyes & lightening the dark circles.  Almond Oil also has retinol, Vitamin E & Vitamin K that soothes the skin under the eyes & reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

Reduce the appearance of acne

Does the idea of using oil to reduce acne seem ridiculous.  Almond Oil is ability to dissolve excess sebum from your skin.  You can use it a  cleanser for your skin to prevent acne caused by the build-up of sebum.

Soothe flaking & itching of the scalp

The most common hair health problem is the build-up of dead cells in the scalp. This build-up not only results in flaking, itching & dandruff but also inhibits the growth of healthy hair. Almond Oil is extremely hydrating & nourishing.  When you massage your scalp with Almond Oil, the dead cells loosen their grip from the scalp & can be easily washed out.  

Promote hair growth

One of the essential nutrients associated with hair growth is biotin, also known as Vitamin H.  It is a derivative of Vitamin B lthat is prescribed to people who suffer from problems such as thinning of hair. Almond Oil contains biotin, & massaging your hair with Almond Oil is an effective way to provide your hair with a healthy dose of Biotin to promote hair growth & reduce hair thinning. Some people takes biotin supplements to make their hair thicker, but you can get similar benefits by applying Almond Oil to your hair as well.

Strengthens & repairs hair

The lubricating properties of Almond Oil make our hair less prone to damage.  The oleic acid & linoleic acid present in the Almond Oil improves the resilience of the hair.  In contrast, the Vitamin E present in the oil is an antioxidant that helps in combating the environmental stress in the hair.  So, for younger & healthier hair, massage your hair regularly with sweet Almond Oil.

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