Which cooking oil is healthiest for our family.  We are often confused and worried when it comes to choosing an oil for everyday use in the kitchen.  It’s a general notion that oils are harmful to health, increase blood cholesterol levels or make us fat.  But, do we really know much about the various oils available in the market, their benefits and side-effects?  Safflower oil is one such oil with numerous health benefits.

Safflower oil is extracted from seeds of the Safflower plant, also known as Carthamus Tinctorius & belonging to the Composites family.  It has properties very similar to the Sunflower & typically blooms in summers.  Safflower Oil has high nutritive value & is known to be a heart-friendly oil.  

Lower Cholesterol Level

Safflower Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega-6 fatty acids that help in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.  Safflower Oil also contains linoleic acid that reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.  LDL is the primary marker for heart diseases. Safflower Oil is a choice for many who suffer from hypercholesterolemia ( i.e. High cholesterol Levels).

Controls Diabetes

Regular consumption of Safflower Oil will help prevent diabetes.  Safflower Oil is loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids of plant origin which help in increasing insulin sensitivity.  The Omega-6 fatty acids in the Safflower Oil help reduce blood Sugar levels and thus can be consumed by diabetic patients too.

Controls Atherosclerosis

Safflower Oil is well known for reducing inflammation & preventing thickening of blood vessels thereby preventing atherosclerosis.  Also, the linoleic acid in Safflower Oil prevents hardening of the arteries. The polyunsaturated fatty acids decrease the chance of formation of fatty plaques in the blood vessels & help to have a healthy heart.


To reduce the risk of thrombosis or internal blood clots and prevent strokes, use polyunsaturated Safflower Oil that possesses anti-ischemic properties. It is known to lower cholesterol levels & prevent atherosclerosis.  

The linolenic & linoleic acids in Safflower seed oil might help prevent “ hardening of the arteries” lower Cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease.  

 Reduces risk of obesity

A study says that if daily 8 grams of safflower oil is consumed, it will help in reducing belly fat.  Adding Safflower oil in your diet is recommended as it increases the serotonin levels in the body.  Serotonin is also called as the ‘happy hormone’ in everyday parlance, and on consumption, Safflower Oil stiulates the release of serotonin.  You can lose weight without being depressed now. Safflower Oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids which help burn fat & prevent becoming overweight if appropriately used in cooking.

Protect Heart Attack

In the early middle ages, Safflower petals were believed to improve blood circulation & today research has proven the benefits of Safflower Oil in preventing heart attacks.

 Protect Constipation

If you repeatedly suffer from constipation, then you might need Safflower Oil.  Safflower Oil acts as a lubricant in the large intestine working as a mild laxative & offering relief from straining at hard stools.  Safflower Oil overall helps in digestion by strengthening the stomach & intestines.  Liver & Spleen enlargement also can be handled if a little Safflower Oil is added to the daily diet.   




Mustard Oil is a common staple in India, Rome & Greece for centuries as a culinary & therapeutic agent. Being extracted from Mustard seeds, this oil carries a unique nutty flavour & packs a huge array of health benefits.

Being rich in MUFA, PUFA, Omega-3 & Omega-6, Vitamin E, Minerals & Antioxidants, Mustard Oil demonstrates strong Anti-Microbial property & is Anti-inflammatory in nature. It improves heart health & reduces cancer risks.

Most valuable health benefit of Mustard Oil can be attributed to its strong stimulant property. It helps improves circulation, boosts metabolism, relieves sinus congestion & most importantly invigorates digestion.

A study report in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that Mustard Oil, as part of a regular diet, could improve our heart health by lowering cholesterol & blood pressure with its high MUFA content.

With its thick consistency & rich Vitamin E content, Mustard Oil is considered as a natural Sunscreen when applied externally. It also acts a a natural cleanser by opening skin pores by stimulating the sweat glands.  Messaging with Mustard Oil is known to lighten the pigmentation spots & improve complexion.

Mustard Oil moisturises & revitalises the scalp with essential fatty acids & helps prevent hair loss by warding off dandruff & fungal infections.  Mix with an equal quantity of Virgin Coconut Oil & massage scalp for complete hair care from root to the tip.

Mustard Oil acts as an antibacterial when used both externally & internally.  Internally it fights with the bacterial infections in colon, intestines & other parts of digestive tract. Externally it fights both bacterial & fungal infections of the skin.

Mustard Oil carries a delicate pungent & nutty flavour which tastes great in many recipes. It can be used as cooking Oil, Oil for pickling & externally for massaging the skin & on hair.


Importance of Desi Gir Cow Milk(A-2)

Importance of Desi Gir Cow Milk (A-2)

There are Two category of Milk A-1 & A-2.  Desi Gir Cow Milk considered under the category of A-2 Milk. After study, on the basis of  various literatures & information uploaded on Internet by reputed persons regarding Indian breed Gir Cow’s milk (A2 milk) following health benefits are observed. If the Desi Gir Cow Milk consumed by you is Fresh & Pure quality, you will definitely benefited. 

Benefits of Desi Gir Cow Milk
Safe for Lactose Intolerant People Too:

Desi Gir Cow Milk does not cause the same inflammatory response in those who are lactose intolerant like the way A1 milk causes.  When you consume pure A2 milk, you can relish its benefits without any gastrointestinal discomforts.

Contains of more Protein:

Every glass of milk has 8 grams protein.  If you are a hard-core fitness enthusiastic, you might stock up on a lot of expensive protein shakes.  However, with a glass of chocolate milkshake with A2 Desi Cow Milk, you can get enough protein to repair & replenish yjour muscles after an intense workout session.

Builds Strong Bones:

Desi Gir Cow Milk is an excellent source of calcium that helps in building strong bones in both, Children & Adults.  By regular consumption, you can ensure healthy bones for a lifetime.  If you are not a big milk drinker, you can even add this milk to your cereals, oats or smoothies & baked goodies.

More Essential Vitamins  Minerals:

Desi Gir Cow Milk has many nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12.  It also contains Phosphorous, Potassium & Riboflavin.  It has 12% More Protein, 33% More vitamin D, 25% More Vitamin A &15% More Calcium.

Free of Hormones & Antibiotics:

Desi Gir Cows are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics to increase the output of milk.  Every sip is pure & natural & thus, safe for consumption by everyone in your family.    

Desi Gir Cow Milk  has only A2 beta casein protein in their milk. Other than A-2 Milk harmful BCM7 is formed.However when Gir cow milk is consumed, the harmful BCM7 is not formed and thereby do not produce any harmful health conditions related to BCM7. Therefore Desi Gir cows are the source for safe and healthy milk.

Desi Gir Cow Milk has contains total food therefore after Mother Milk priority is given to this Milk for children’s.

Desi Gir Cow Milk contains Vitamin-A & Omega-3 & hence it is best for improvement of Memory, Proper Heart Function & other health development for Children & Adults also, anybody can consume it, there is no age limit restriction.So many other benefits are there, we tried to explain shortly, We advice you please search on Internet to keep good health.



Nisarg Agro Products :- 

Ghee is made from from our Desi Gir Cows ( A-2 Milk) only by adopting Bilona Churned Method. The Milk is removed by hand then get it boiled in wood fire then inoculated with curds to make whole curds, the curds is then churned to get butter. After melting the butter at minimum temperature on wood fire we prepare best quality Desi Gir Cow Ghee. 

We takes proper care of your health hence we provide this Ghee 100% Free from additives, preservatives & Colours.  Ghee has got tested in Govt. approved Labourites.   

Why (A2) Gir Cow Bilona Method Ghee

Desi Gir Cow Gheeprepared prepared by Bilona Method  contains more Omega-3 & other nutrients like Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Iron & Calcium hence it is considered the purest of all foods.

The high level of Omega-3 fatty acids present in this Ghee is said to be beneficial for cardiovascular health.  The Desi Gir Cow Ghee rich in A2 protein helps build up HDLs or High-Density Lipoproteins that combat Cholesterol levels by extracting them out of the bloodstream. 

The major health benefits of the Ghee prepared by Bilona method from (A2) Desi Gir Cows.

Desi Gir Cow Ghee enhances our immunity

Desi Gir Cow Ghee is also beneficial for healthy growth in Children.

Deso Gir Cow Ghee helps at slowing down the aging process & thus makes your voice soft & clear.

Desi Gir Cow Ghee incorporates Vitamin A2, Vitamin E & D with Omega 3 properties which are highly important & beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

The presence of A2 Vitamin in Gir Cow Ghee helps in treating broken bones.

This Gir Cow Ghee is beneficial in treating insomnia.  It is also the best product for joint massage & most importantly it is beneficial for those who are prone to obesity.

Gir Cow Ghee is helpful in decreasing bad cholesterol in the body & facilitates excellent circulation.

This Gir Cow Ghee incorporates healthy fat-soluble vitamins that facilitate the absorption of nutrients in food that are most vital for health.

Gir Cow Ghee is also included in medical practice to help with ulcers, constipation & promotes healthy Eyes & happy Skin. It is used t treat & cure burns & blisters.  It proves to increase memory & balances the mind & enhances brain function.

Desi Gir Cow Ghee contains conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) which proves to be helpful for weight loss, especially belly fat. It also beneficial for slowing down the progress of cancer in the body & prevents heart diseases. 

Desi Gir Cow Ghee has been given a title of “Rasayana” in Ayurveda preeminent herbs & food that works wonder for the overall health & promotes longevity & well being.

Desi Gir Cow Ghee is highly beneficial & recommended for people having problems such as Piles, Fisher & Fistula.


Natural Versus Inorganic Foods

Natural Versus Inorganic Foods 

Natural food varieties are food things created utilizing measures without fabricated materials like synthetic composts and pesticides. Inorganic food sources, then again, use artificial materials to create the completed food items. While an enormous development exists that energizes the utilization of natural food sources, some discussion exists about the genuine advantages of eating natural food sources. 

Natural Foods 

Notwithstanding not utilizing fabricated materials during the creation cycle, natural food sources are not hereditarily adjusted and don’t contain any compound food added substances or solvents. Many industrialized nations including the United States require unique confirmation for makers to list food sources as natural. Thusly, natural food is unmistakable from private cultivating or normal food sources. Natural alludes to both the actual food and the food creation measure used to deliver the completed food item. In the United States, the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 in blend with Title 7, Part 205 of the Code of Federal Regulations list the particular site necessities and guidelines needed for makers to sell food varieties as natural. 


There are a few ordinarily related advantages related with natural food sources. In the first place, the natural cultivating measure is useful for the general climate. Engineered pesticides normally utilized in the food creation interaction can hurt nearby natural life. Moreover, natural homesteads normally produce less waste and utilize less energy. Buyers additionally advantage from natural food sources by restricting openness to conceivably destructive engineered materials. Further, a few examinations show that natural food sources contain a bigger number of supplements than nonorganic food sources. 


The essential contention against the utilization of natural food varieties identifies with sanitation. While numerous people think devouring natural food sources is more secure than burning-through nonorganic food varieties, an absence of logical proof exists supporting this theory. Further, the Food and Drug Administration has presumed that the restricted measure of pesticides found in nonorganic food varieties doesn’t cause or add to any wellbeing related issues. Moreover, natural food is by and large more costly than inorganic food things. This expanded expense results from the expanded creation costs related with delivering natural food sources. 

Inorganic Foods 

Inorganic Foods use engineered materials during the creation cycle. These engineered materials usually incorporate compound composts and pesticides. Furthermore, makers can likewise adjust inorganic food things at an atomic or hereditary level. This permits makers to cross-breed yields to create hardier strains with higher amounts. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration manages inorganic food things and decides the worthy degrees of artificial materials that completed food items can contain. 


The engineered materials utilized in the creation of inorganic food things can assist with controlling defilement with possibly perilous shape poisons and microbes. In this manner, a few people contend that albeit inorganic food varieties may contain follow measures of pesticides, these engineered substances present less mischief than the common poisons possibly found in natural food sources. Furthermore, inorganic food sources are less expensive than their natural partners, and the expanded yields related with inorganic food things can conceivably assist with taking care of the poor around the globe more expense adequately. Further, the supplement levels in natural food varieties can change impressively, while inorganic food varieties commonly contain normalized levels of supplements in similar food things. Defenders of inorganic food sources, hence, keep up that these food things securely utilize current innovation to create more financially savvy food items. 


A significant number of the engineered substances found in inorganic food things don’t have long haul considers accessible affirming the security of these substances over the long haul. In this way, the drawn out impacts of numerous engineered substances are not known. Furthermore, inorganic food varieties ordinarily contain less supplements than natural food things. Further, some proof exists that the manufactured substances used to deliver inorganic food things may make long haul harm the land, eventually making the land less prolific or non-fruitful.


Sharp Ways to eat Natural Food even on a limited financial plan

Sharp Ways to eat Natural Food even on a limited financial plan

Good food can be costly. 

In this way, it tends to be hard to eat well when you’re on a strict spending plan. 

Notwithstanding, there are numerous approaches to set aside cash and still eat entire, single-fixing food sources. 

Here are our top smart tips that can assist you with eating sound on a careful spending plan. 

  1. Plan Your Meals 

With regards to setting aside cash at the supermarket, arranging is fundamental. 

Utilize one day every week to design your suppers for the forthcoming week. At that point, make a staple rundown of what you need. 

Additionally, make a point to filter your cooler and cupboards to perceive what you as of now have. There are typically a great deal of food varieties covered up in the back that can be utilized. 

Just arrangement to buy what you realize you will utilize, so you don’t wind up discarding a great deal of what you purchase. 

  1. Adhere to Your Grocery List 

Whenever you’ve arranged your dinners and made your basic food item list, stick to it. 

It’s not difficult to get diverted the supermarket, which can prompt unintended, costly buys. 

When in doubt, attempt to shop the edge of the store first. This will make you bound to fill your truck with entire food sources. 

The center of the store frequently contains the most handled and unfortunate food varieties. In the event that you wind up in these walkways, look to the top or lower part of the racks as opposed to straight ahead. The most costly things are typically positioned at eye level. 

Moreover, there are presently numerous incredible staple rundown sites to help you shop. Some of them can even save most loved things or offer records. 

Utilizing an online retailer is likewise an incredible method to ensure you remember your rundown at home. 

  1. Cook at Home 

Cooking at home is a lot less expensive than eating out. 

Make it a propensity to cook at home, instead of eating out at last. 

For the most part, you can take care of a whole group of 4 at similar cost as purchasing nourishment for a couple of individuals at an eatery. 

A few group think that its best to cook for the whole week on the ends of the week, while others cook each dinner in turn. 

By cooking yourself, you additionally acquire the advantage of knowing precisely what is in your food. 

Primary concern: 

Cooking at home is way more affordable than eating out. Some think that its best to cook for the whole week on ends of the week, while others like to prepare each supper in turn. 

  1. Try not to Shop When You’re Hungry 

On the off chance that you go to the supermarket hungry, you are bound to wander from your staple rundown and purchase something without really thinking. 

At the point when you’re eager, you frequently want food sources that aren’t useful for you or your financial plan. 

Attempt to get a piece of organic product or a sound nibble before you go to the store. 

Main concern: 

Shopping while hungry can prompt longings and incautious purchasing. In case you’re ravenous, have a nibble before you go shopping for food. 

  1. Quit Buying Junk Food 

Cut out a portion of the shoddy nourishment from your eating regimen. 

You would be astounded to perceive the amount you might be paying for pop, treats, prepackaged suppers and prepared food sources. 

In spite of the way that they offer next to no nourishment and are loaded with unfortunate fixings, they are likewise pricey. 

By skirting the prepared and undesirable food sources, you can spend a greater amount of your financial plan on more excellent, quality food sources. 

Main concern: 

Quit purchasing low quality nourishment at the store. It is costly and loaded with unfortunate fixings. It additionally offers practically zero dietary benefit. 

  1. Stock up on Sales 

In the event that you have most loved items that you use often, you should load up on them when they’re at a bargain or on rebate or accessible om combo offers. 

In case you’re certain that it’s something you’ll unquestionably utilize, you should load up and set aside cash. 

Simply ensure that it will keep going for some time and will not terminate meanwhile. It won’t set aside you any cash to purchase something you’ll wind up tossing out later on. 

Main concern: 

Stock up on most loved items when they’re on special. Simply ensure that they will not turn sour meanwhile. 

  1. Shop for Produce That Is in Season 

Nearby produce that is in season is by and large less expensive. It additionally normally at its top in the two supplements and flavor. 

Produce that isn’t in season has regularly been moved most of the way around the globe to get to your store, which isn’t useful for either the climate or your spending plan. 

Likewise, purchase produce by the pack in the event that you can. That is normally significantly less expensive than purchasing by the piece. 

  1. Value Less Expensive Foods 

There are a great deal of food varieties accessible that are both economical and solid. 

By making a few changes and utilizing fixings that you may not be utilized to, you can plan numerous flavorful and economical dinners. 

Take a stab at expanding your utilization of eggs, beans, seeds, newly produce products of the soil and entire grains and have a go at cooking in chilly squeezed oil where it contains all supplements and food arranged in it taste awesome as well. 

  1. Purchase From Online Organic Retailers 

There are a few online retailers that offer good food varieties at sensible expense one such forthcoming brand is Nisarg Agro, situated in Pune where food is all regular and comes from their own ranches 

By enlisting, you gain admittance to limits and arrangements. 

Likewise, the items are then conveyed directly to your entryway. 

Nisarg Agro is an excellent online retailer that centers only around solid, 100% Natural, natural food varieties and Chemical Free produce. 

Purchasing however much you can from them can set aside you cash. 

Bring Home Message 

You don’t need to use up every last cent to eat well. 

Indeed, there are numerous approaches to eat sound even on a strict spending plan. 

These incorporate arranging your suppers, cooking at home, and settling on shrewd decisions at the supermarket. 

Likewise, remember that lousy nourishment costs you twice. 

Awful wellbeing accompanies clinical expenses and surprisingly diminished work limit prompting loss of pay. 

Regardless of whether practicing good eating habits was more costly (which it doesn’t need to be), at that point it would in any case be great down the line. 

You truly can’t put a cost on great wellbeing.



Nisarg Agro isn’t only a forthcoming brand yet it’s a guarantee from us to our customers. An exercise of difficult task our entire team does day in day to convey the best quality items at your doorstep. After all we understand “What we Sow and What our customers will be benefitted by our non-synthetic and full range of items. 

Nisarg Agro was shaped to make a scope of items that is Natural, Fresh and 100% synthetic free in addition available at an entirely sensible cost. At Nisarg Agro, the items are cautiously chosen and checked by PG Engineers and Food Experts, absolutely out of enthusiasm and energy to cater to the health conscious growing base of customers. We are extremely happy and pleased to have large numbers of our customers at our farms and we additionally stretch out this action to their families as well. 

Our way of thinking in conveying great product is exemplified by a straightforward practice and model like, we got Pure Desi type of Gir cows in our farm, where we don’t tie our cows and cows feed uninhibitedly on normally developed grain. The Gir cows are left to stroll around the farm in the mornings – a decent type of actual exercise to keep them fit. Besides the infant calves are constantly given a lot of milk first prior to milking the cows. This contributes incredibly to the nature of milk our cows produce. We guarantee you that none of our cows are falsely inseminated, neither they are not infused nor permitted to benefit from anything chemical, they munch uninhibitedly. They live unafraid. They are family. The brand personality is one that is in a state of harmony with nature and in common rhythm. In the most lovely of ways, it advises us that we have a place in this world; that we are totally made of a similar matter. 

Nisarg Agro is an Natural food brand that depends on the idea of Farm to table. Begun by Ex Government Official Mr. Ramesh Dikondwar, this endeavor was conceptualized to convey 100% characteristic and chemical free food items so enormous populace appreciate the medical advantages, helping them develop their invulnerability normally in addition to the flavor of food. We guarantee you of improved taste in your food when you consume our range of products. Be that as it may, we don’t say it ourselves our consistently developing customer base is the best adjudicator. 

Late instance of lockdown has made numerous individuals wellbeing cognizant and comprehend the significance of building their invulnerability. During such occasions, an enormous number of populace explored the web and discovered the evil impacts of chemical laced food products and frozen food, subsequently shifting towards natural, regular and farm produce. Indeed, even today, larger part of Indians have a propensity to consume home prepared food instead of eating out, because of which our insusceptibility stayed more grounded and been able to withstand any unfamiliar infection, contrasted with other outside countries. We at Nisarg Agro promise to stick to our obligation to convey simply the best and regular items to our customers at a truly sensible cost. 

Our most cherished items according to our clients are Desi Gir Cow A2 Milk and Ghee created from it, Cold Pressed (Ghana) Edible Oils, Natural Kadhai Jaggery (Gud) and Pure Honey. We guarantee you that once you taste our items you will totally comprehend what 100% Natural food produce is and obviously the flavor of your food. In spite of the fact that our items are Lab tried we emphatically accept our customers are our best adjudicator. 

Right now we deliver our produce in Pune and Outskirts. We are endeavouring hard to oblige a lot more extensive and more wider population across Pune that is in the coming days, so large number of population enjoys the health advantages and benefit from Nisarg Agro Natural produce at a truly sensible expense.

natural jaggery making nisarg


NISARG AGRO PRODUCTS JAGGERY  (Natural making process & Health Benefits)

This jaggery has been made from best quality sugarcane i.e. 86032 which found Kolhapur, Sangli & Karad only being climate & soul quality. We get jaggery  manufactured by traditional system. We use Steel Kadhai to heat the juice of sugarcane on wood fire.  

Jaggery contains  around 11 gms of Iron per 100 gms,7.54% of carbohydrate, B Vitamins & Minerals including Calcium, Zink, Phosphorus & Copper . 

Health benefits of Jaggery 

One reason jaggery is gaining popularity is the belief that it is more nutritions than refined white sugar. It is also claimed to have various health benefits Some common health claims include improved digestive health, anemia prevention, liver detoxification & improved immune function.

Improved Digestive Health

In India it is common for Jaggery to be eaten after a meal. Some people claim it helps with digestion & can stimulate bowel movements, making it a good choice for preventing constipation. Jaggery is a source of sucrose, but it contains almost no fiber or water.

Prevents Digestive Disorders

Jaggery helps in the maintenance of proper functioning of the digestive system. This, in turn prevents many digestive problems & improves digestion as well .

Boosts Secretion of Digestive Enzymes

Jaggery stimulates digestive enzyme secretion, & it also gets converted into acetic acid.  Therefore, it speeds up the process of digestion, as the load on the digestive tract is significantly reduced.

Regulates Bowel Movement

Jaggery helps in maintaining proper digestion also helps in regulating the bowel movement & preventing problems such as indigestion, constipation, flatulence & intestinal works etc.

Benificial for Blood

Jaggery is known to have beneficial effects on the bold as well.  This is why making it a part of your diet is recommended.

Purifies Blood

One of the most well known benefit of Jaggery is it is ability to purify the blood. When consumed on a regular basis, it cleaneses the blood, leaving your body healthy.

Prevents Blood Diseases & Disorders

Jaggery helps in boosting the total count of haemoglobin in the blood, it also boosts the immunity that, in turn, helps in preventing a wide variety of blood disorders & diseases.

Prevents Anemia

Jaggery contains  around 11 gms of Iron per 100 gms., Jaggery is rich in iron & folate that help in preventing anemia by ensuring that a normal level of red blood cells is maintained. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women.  It also provides instant energy that prevents fatigue & weakness of the body.

Treats Menstrual Problems

Jaggery, due to its richness in many essential nutrients, is an effective natural treatment for many menstrual problems.  It also helps in providing relief from cramps & stomach ache that are associated with menstruation.

 Jaggery benefits for Weight Loss 

Jaggery is surprisingly effective as an aid for weight loss.  If you are looking to lose some unwanted pounds, include this food in your diet.

Boosts Body Metabolism

Jaggery is a rich source of potassium, which is a mineral that helps in the balance of electrolytes as well as the building up of muscles &   improving the metabolism in the body.  These factors play an important role in effective weight loss, making jaggery effective in aiding in weight loss.

Reduces Retention of Water

Water retention is a major problem when you are trying to lose weight.  As mentioned earlier, jiggery contains many essential minerals, especially potassium.  This mineral helps in the reduction of water retention, thus managing your weight.  

Boosts Immunity:

Due to its richness in various minerals, antioxidants & other nutrients, Jaggery is of immense help in boosting the immunity.  By ensuring that the immune system is healthy, it helps in preventing many types of infections, ailments & diseases.  Jaggery is rich in Zinc & selenium hence prevent free-radical damage caused by oxidative stress. 

 Skin benefits

Jaggery is beneficial as a beauty treatment.  It has natural properties thaty ensure that the skin stays healthy at all times. Jaggery is rich in many vital vitamins & minerals, allowing it to provide nourishment to every part of the body, including the skin.  When your skin gets proper nourishment, it can stay glowing & healthy. 


Jaggery has many other benefits that include the following

Cleanses the Body:

One of the best natural cleansing agents for the body is jiggery.  It helps in detoxifying the body by effectively & efficiently clansing the respiratory tract, Lungs, Intestines, Stomach & Food Pipe.  It removes the toxins & impurities from the body, theey providing relief from constipation & other health jproblems.

Boosts Intestinal Health:

As mentioned earlier, Jaggery has wonderful effects on the digestive sysem.  It also boosts the intestinal strength due to its high magnesium content.

Controls Blood Pressure:

Jaggery contains potassium & Sodium, which play an important role in the maintenance of acid levels in the body. It also makes sjure that a normal level of blood pressure is properly maintained.

Prevents Nervous System Problems:

Jaggery has many natural properties that help in keeping the nervous system functioning normally & staying healthy.  This, in turn, keeps a wide range of nervous system disorders at bay.

Provides Antioxidants:

Jaggery is a rich source of antioxidants, selenium in particular, that helps in preventing the various effects of free radicals on your body.  This means that it keeps many different diseases & ailments away.

Treats Cough & Cold:

Jaggery is known for its ability to naturally treat a cough & cold effectively.  Eating it in its sweet raw form is recommended.  However, if you are averse to its sweet taste, you can mix it with tea or warm water & gain relief from these problems. It also wosrks well for migraines & headaches.

Relieves Joint Pain:

If you often suffer from aches & pains in your joints, eating Jaggery can provide you with the much needed relief.  Experts recommended eating it with a piece of ginger to alleviate joint pain.  Drinking a glass of milk with Jaggery every day is also recommended to help strengthen the bones, thus preventing joint & bone problems such as arthritis.

Controls Body Temperature:

Jaggery helps in controlling the temperature of the body.  This is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from asthma as they require a normal body temperature to be maintained at all times.

Provides Instant Energy:  

If you are feeling weak or lethargic, eating a piece of Jaggery can provide instant energy. The best thing about it is that it is gradually digested & absorbed by your body. 

Regulates Liver Function: One of the main functions of the liver is to rid the body of harmful toxins & other impurities.  As Jaggery can naturally cleanse the body, it reduces the workload of the liver & detoxifies it as well, thus regulating its function.    

nisarg cold pressed oil


Health Benefits

 Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted by pressing the seeds without the use of any artificial refining agents. It manufactured by the Old Traditional Method maintaining 40c to 45c temperature, therefore these oils contain all the original nutrition and flavour.

A 1-Table Spoon Serving of cold pressed Groundnut Oil has 13 grams of tatal good Fat, the majority of which is unsaturated fat..  The American Heart Association recommends getting the majority of your fat from unsaturated fats which is also known as good cholesterol. Replacing saturated and trans fats with unsaturated fats can reduce your risk of heart disease. Monounsaturated fats help lower bad cholesterol levels. Cold pressed Groundnut Oil contains about 5.5 grams of monounsaturated fats per tablespoon, 50% of the total fat content, 4 grams of Polyunsaturated fats, 32% of the total fat content


Groundnut oil is a natural source of Phytochemicals, Antioxidants that protect our body from damage from toxins and free radicals.  A recent web based article in “ Critical Reviews in Food Science & Nutrition” has included a review that found in Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil, because of its high antioxidant content, reduced inflammation in those who regularly included it in their diet.  Groundnut Oil is also a good source of Vitamin E, a Natural Antioxidant.                 

Health benefits

The standard dietary guidelines in multiple countries underline the importance of polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats which are found in Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil. Refining the Oil damages its natural factors & increases the risk of cholesterol, whereas preparing food with Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil has a naturally high smoking point, they can help you with the extremities of cooking like deep frying.  Thus, apart from being healthy, the Cold Pressed groundnut Oil can prepare almost every food item you can ever think of because of the monounsaturated fat content in them.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil protect against the internal damages caused by the free radicals.  This is because the Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil have high amount of Vitamin E that helps them provide multiple health benefits.

Some studies have found that the risk of diabetes can be reduced with the use of Cold Pressed Groundnut Oils.  The carbohydrates in the Oil reduce the speed at which sugar is absorbed in your body, thus, reducing the risk of such diseases.    

Cold pressed Groundnut Oil has a good amount of monounsaturated fat or “good fat” that improves our health & lowers the cholesterol level.  It is recommended by nutritionists to consume Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil, in case of high cholesterol levels in the body.

If you have been struggling to reduce weight for long, add groundnut oil in your every meal which decrease appetite & hence is supposed to be beneficial in our weight loss.

nisarg honey



The Honey providing by Nisarg Agro Products is collected by passionate BeeKeepers who employ holistic and environmentally conscious methods while treating the bees as a part of their family.

 We prefer Acacia Honey collected in Kashmir through Acacia trees which is a Monofloral (Single Origin) Honey, and the bees have a vast expanse of jungle dense with Acacia trees.

Vitamins found in Honey includes ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin & riboflavin, along with minerals such as calcium, copper, iron magnesium, manganese, phosphorus potassium & Zink. Inflammation can lead to a variety of Health issues, including heart disease, cancer & autoimmune disorders, antioxidants detectable in blood plasma, Honey could enhance antioxidant activity in the body.

Health benefits of Honey
Reduce the weight 

Honey burns body fat even while when you are sleeping.  It is one of the best food for losing weight. Doctors recommended to have a spoonful of honey before to sleep.  You can also consume a little honey with warm water on empty stomach early in the morning. It helps increase the metabolism, which in turn helps reduce weight faster. 

Boost Immune System

Honey has countless medicinal properties that naturally help in curing a sore throat.  Its antioxidants & bacteria-fighting assets also help against fighting infections that are caused by viruses, bacteria & fungi.  According to Doctors & Scientists, buckwheat honey has highest number of antioxidants & when consumed daily can be beneficial for boosting immunity in the long run & this is why honey has known to be one of the best immunity boosting food. If honey is consumed every day in the morning before breakfast  to get an extra kick of energy for the whole day.  It also works as a cleansing toner which improves immunity in children’s.

Useful to keep good Skin & Face

Using Honey for skin is very useful because of its moisturizing & nourishing properties. Honey is the best natural moisturizer, especially for dry skin & it is also very easy to apply. It also helps curing cracked lips during winters.  Honey is considered as antiseptic, it is useful for treatment of wounds, bruises, Cuts, Burns & other infections.  

Boosting the Memory

Honey, the eternal sweetener has numerous health benefits, one of which includes boosting memory & concentration.  Honey not only increases brain power & memory but also makes you a healthier person altogether. Consumption of honey prevents metabolic stress & helps calm & soothe the brain, which helps in augmenting memory in the long run.  The natural antioxidants & therapeutic properties in honey help in boosting brain.

Prevent from Cough 

Honey is known to be one of the best remedies for dry cough as well as wet cough. Research has also shown, drinking a tablespoon of honey can reduce irritation in the throat.  Honey is the preferred natural remedy for cough, especially for kids, as it helps to relieve nocturnal cough, allowing proper sleep.

Prevent from Dandruff

Honey is one of the best natural home remedies for dandruff.  It not only provides nourishment to dry hair but it also gives smooth & soft hair.  You can also use honey & lavender with green tea to prevent hair fall.  Mix 2 tablespoons honey with equal vegetable oil & apply on hair keep for 15 minutes then clean the hair.

Healing Wounds  

Honey has antibacterial, antifungal & antioxidant properties, therefore honey is used for healing wounds.  After any skin injury, bacteria that live on your skin can infect & penetrate the wound site, honey destroy these bacteria.  

Which time is good for eating Honey.

Usually Honey to be taken empty stomach early in the morning as it gives an instant kick & energy boost which is enough to counter an entire day.  Also while going to bed ,  spoonful of honey not only gives a good night’s sleep but also helps in digestion & relaxation of mind and body.